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    Gabe’s Construction Company, Inc. has been installing underground electric systems since 1960. Today we operate throughout the United States, completing various large kV underground transmission systems.

    Underground Electrical Capabilities:

    • Installation of primary and secondary electrical distribution systems
    • Replacement, Maintenance & Abandonment of aging underground electric systems
    •  Installation of manhole systems
    •  Conduit systems of any size or number:
      • Concrete & rebar encased
      • Thermal Backfill (Concrete/Imported)
    • Civil structures relating to underground electric system:
      • Conduit Riser Systems
      • Caisson support structures
      • Manhole Systems
    •  Substation underground work/structures

    Our involvement in many private and public utilities throughout the United States has earned Gabe’s Construction Company, Inc. a reputation as a leader in underground electric installation.

    Gabe's Underground Electrical Brochure

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