Gabes Construction


    When It's Gabe's, It's Guaranteed!
    Gabe's Headquarters, Sheboygan, WI

    Gabe’s Construction Company, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Westshore Companies, Inc., is dedicated to the highest level of ethics, integrity and excellence in all phases of our operations. Our Company is committed to the discovery and implementation of innovative construction methods of the highest quality which will offer benefits to its customers in all areas.

    Our management team is hard working and committed to the client. The motto we employ, “When its Gabe’s, it’s Guaranteed”, is time tested by satisfied customers with whom we have worked for over 50 continuous years.

    Company History & Operations

    Gabe’s Construction Company, Inc. was founded by Jacob Gabrielse and his sons John, George and Edwin in 1942. This Wisconsin corporation, in its fourth generation, has served the Pipeline, Telecommunications, Utility, and DAS industry with hard work and determination. Jacob’s commitment to quality, integrity and service to the customer has been continued by his successors.

    Gabe's Construction

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