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1942 Jacob Gabrielse forms Gabe's Construction as a partner ship with sons John, George and Edwin. Initial work is to install drain tiles for local farmers to help increase production for the war effort
1949 Gabe's enters the Natural Gas construction as natural gas is brought to Wisconsin from Texas
1954 Jacob Gabrielse passes away
1956 John Hermann becomes a partner with John, George and Edwin Gabrielse
1960 Gabe's Construction is performing underground utility construction in the greater Midwestern States
1963 Gabe's Construction incorporates
1963 Northeastern Equipment Company is formed by John, George and Edwin Gabrielse and John Hermann
1968 Repair shop and storage facility is built at our current location in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
1974 Third generation (Ken, Jack and Tim Gabrielse and James Hermann) formally enters the business
1979 Ken, Jack and Tim Gabrielse, and James Hermann are named vice presidents of Gabe's Construction Co., Inc.
1980 John Hermann passes away
1982 John Gabrielse retires from corporation
1984 George and Jack Gabrielse resign from Gabe's Construction and start their own company
1985 Gabe's Construction is awarded their first contract to build portion of the fiber optic backbone across the United States. Gabe's eventually lays over 5,500 miles of Fiber optic cable
1987 Corporate office building is built at the present location
1997 James Hermann is named CEO, Tim Gabrielse is named President and Ken Gabrielse is named Executive Vice President of Northeastern and Gabe's Construction
1997 Gabe's Construction understands the need for turnkey construction services within the growing Telecommunications market and develops an internal engineering and maintenance group - GTS Technical Services. Contract is awarded to Gabe's to design, build and maintain fiber optic system in Chicago, Illinois.
1998 Northeastern Equipment acquires the stock of Gabe's Construction Co., Inc.
1999 Gabe's is awarded a contract to design and build within 9 months, a 900 mile fiber optic cable project. Project is completed with time to spare.
1999 Gabe's is awarded their first maintenance contract to maintain and locate fiber optic cables. Currently they maintain and locate over 5,000 miles of cable.
2000 Edwin Gabrielse retires from Corporation
2000 Scott McGee purchases stock in the corporation
2003 Gabe's Construction enters the large HDD rig market with purchase of 330,000 pound drill rig
2006 Gabe's Construction build first Wireless DAS systems (Distributive Antenna Systems) eventually becoming the largest Wireless DAS contractor in North America
2006 James Hermann retires from Corporation
2006 Northeastern Equipment is renamed Westshore Companies, Inc.
2007 The fourth generation enters the business as Matthew Gabrielse and Nick Atkins purchases stock in the corporation
2008 Gabe's Construction Co., Inc. completes a 5,900 foot, 24" steel bore in California
2008 Gabe's is awarded a series of contracts to build a large underground electric transmission project over three years

Gabe's Canada is formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Westshore Companies, Inc. and is awarded their first contract for engineering services in Toronto, Canada


Retirement of Ken Gabrielse


Building of a Major DAS system for University of Michigan


Wrap up of a major electric job in Colorado

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