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Gabe's Construction Company, Inc. has been involved with wireless DAS since 2004, having built over 700 nodes and constructed over 400 miles of fiber via aerial, existing structures, underground and buried. We have built networks in 8 states and we provide ongoing maintenance and out-of-hour restoration services.

Distributed Antenna System Installation






  • Fiber Support in all phases
  • Coax, connectors, Sweep tests, Antennas, Troubleshooting
  • Continued Care of Fiber Network including locating and fiber restoration
  • Technical Expertise with major DAS equipment vendors
    • Powerwave, DeltaNode, Andrew, ADC, Huawei
  • On-going Maintenance  (Provided through our Technical Services Group)
    • Fiber testing
    • Node trouble shooting
    • Preventative Maintenance
      • All aspects including batteries, generator maintenance, building, site, and fiber inspections
    • Annual Maintenance
    • Engineering and Continuing Property Records
    • GIS Deployment and Maintenance
  • Logistics Management
    • Centralized Warehouse
    • 24/7 Emergency Distribution

Project / Bid Inquiries please contact:

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Wireless DAS Services

  • Pre-Sales Support
  • Market Constructability Evaluation
  • Budget Analysis and Assistance
  • OSP Engineering
    • Route Design
    • Fiber design and splicing diagrams
    • GPS Engineering
    • Intelligent Pole Selection
  • Turn-key Construction
    • BTS Hub to Node
    • Aerial, Underground and Buried

Gabe's Construction - Distributed Antenna System








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